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A trusted home builder with a fresh approach to client care, Kennect looks forward to creating unique spaces that fit your lifestyle!

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Our goal at Kennect Building & Design is to exceed expectation by focusing entirely on you, the client. We understand that you are not just paying for shelter but investing in a quality of life. Each project is unique in its own way and it is our professional responsibility to adapt our best practices to your exact needs. We take pride in everything we do and remain always interested in clean, simple, and beautiful living spaces with the utmost usability.

I’m Ken, the ambitious driving force behind Kennect Building & Design. We are a custom home design, development and building company on a community scale. We value an active lifestyle and as a result, are highly efficient, organized and flexible. We understand the importance of project management and client experience which is why we work to understand your individual needs, while developing creative and custom solutions.

See Our Services

Our Services

Design & Build

We provide a full spectrum of design and building services to ensure that you are confident and comfortable with your project, from the initial design stages to project completion. At Kennect Building & Design, our emphasis is placed on ensuring your vision is realized, on budget and on time, while tending to details and quality finishings.


Renovations can be an emotional experience and we understand that our role is to maximize the value of your living space while maintaining the relationship you have with your home. From pre-project assessment, throughout construction, and to the end of your project, we will be in continuous communication to ensure full satisfaction.

Spec Build

Our commitment to high standards is guaranteed, no matter the project. Whether your spec build is intended as an income property or personal home, we will execute existing designs with care and consideration of your needs and intentions. Our approach and passion for customer service will ensure your delight in the final product.

Project Management

At Kennect Building & Design, we embody the exceptional management practices that are necessary to break away from the pack of home builders on the market today. As a small developer, we focus on each client from start to finish, ensuring your vision and dream is realized. We are always available and are only a phone call away.


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